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Madrid is a thriving, bustling city, famous worldwide for the hospitality of its inhabitants. Madrilians are proud to say that as soon as anyone gets to Madrid he/she is a madrilian too. This open character extends also to welcoming new ideas and venturing businesses. Not only small & young entrepeneurs thrive, but also many important multinationals have located their headquarters in Madrid for its strategic geo-cultural position between Europe, America and north Africa.

Due to its location, Madrid has a continental climate, the average annual temperature is 14º C, ranging from 5º C in the colder months to 25º C in the hotter. More than a tenth of its population is made up of international citizens and its one of the most desired Erasmus destinations. The cost of living in the city is far lower than in other European capitals such as Paris or London; dining out, public transport, clothing and entertainment are quite affordable, this makes living in Madrid a lot of fun!

In Madrid you can find the very best in entertainment and nightlife, from the fashionable rooftop bars to the endless list of underground clubs that stay open until dawn. But Madrid is more than its nightlife; the Retiro park (according to Lonely Planet, the world`s second best place for entertainment only second to NYC ´s Washington Square), the multicultural quarter of Lavapies, the Gran Via with its famous musicals, the Paseo de la Castellana fabulous architecture (Moneo´s Atocha station, Nouvel´s Reina Sofia, Villanueva´s Museo del Prado, H&deM´s CaixaForum, Siza´s urban design, Foster´s skyscraper at Cuatro Torres Business Area, etc.)… you will never run out of things to do in Madrid!

In addition to all its charms, Madrid sits in the center of Spain making it a perfect spot from which to visit all of Spains wonderful heritage; with the high speed trains you can get to Toledo or Segovia in less than an hour, the Mediterranean in 90 minutes, Barcelona, Seville or Granada in less than three hours.

Madrid is one of the top 50 Best Quality of Living Cities in the world according to Mercer. The index is built taking into account some different factors like economic, environmental, personal safety, health or education. Madrid scores 100.2 taking as a reference New York City (score 100).

The MCS organizes periodical trips around the city, where buildings, neighbourhoods and different infrastructures, subject of study, will be visited accompanied by their respective experts. All these visits and field trips are included in the MCS fee.

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