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Claudio Feijóo: How should we use our technology?

Claudio Feijóo: How should we use our technology?
Claudio Feijóo: How should we use our technology?

Claudio Feijóo, MSc and PhD in Telecommunication Engineering from Technical University of Madrid (UPM), was in MSC to give us a Master Class about Smart Cities and new technologies disruptions.

Feijóo has been studying evolution and socio-economic impact of information technologies in modern society for 20 years, always from a multidisciplinary perspective: economy, engineering, digital content, mobile communications, energy efficiency, augmented reality…
Dr. Feijóo is also known for his work in public and private companies around the world, and during these days in Madrid he talked about the next generation of Smart Cities. What would happen in our cities in 20 years? How can we use technology to increase citizens’ quality of life and make cities more attractive for living?

But, how should we use the technology? Traditional view of a Smart City is that of a control room where you use technology to analyse Big Data and implement decisions. The problem with this approach is that we would be overlooking bottom-up innovations. We don’t include in our mind frames what citizens really expect from technology. The best example is Uber.

Uber has changed mobility in cities. And it all started because its creators realized that taxi drivers could use technology to find good races. Now, they don’t have to drive around the city looking for customers. Besides, clients have a higher quality service, door to door, with agreed prices and without cash payments.

MCS students, professionals of tomorrow

Feijóo keeps very close contact with MCS students. He even employed two of them. He is always trying to find new talent to develop pilot projects, and scale them, from the university environment to Smart Cities. “There are many ideas and interesting innovations in transport, education, health, government. For instance, mobile platforms to manage our homes (like Smart Homes)… But I think energy efficiency is the field where we are going to see extreme disruptions. Also around logistics, that is the current hot spot. All these things are just starting to happen, and I hope that, in the next few years, we will have wonderful stories with MSC students as protagonists”, he says.


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