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5 jobs that Smart Cities Will Create for Us

5 jobs that Smart Cities Will Create for Us
5 jobs that Smart Cities Will Create for Us

We will not only need experts in Smart Cities. The cities of the future will change the perspective of certain current jobs and will cause them to evolve to places that we have not imagined.

The way that cities are being transformed by technology is enabling a breakthrough in the ways of understanding new environments. For example, sustainability and recycling are more important now than they were six years ago, and cities will need experts in these areas.

So, what new jobs will we see in the cities of the future?

1. Resilience Official. In a city growing and evolving thanks to technology, we will need people with the the ability to overcome adverse circumstances. Some situations will no longer be connected to current problems such as income inequality or extreme weather events, which could cause a sudden shock in urban systems, as well as the threat of rising sea level.
Given that these jobs are very related to energy, transport, climate, housing and other urban issues, the question is: how these responsibilities will be shared among the officials in the cities of the future? It is here that the Resilience Official appears.

2. Data Official. The IoT, Big Data… with the great amount of information that citizens will create about their habits and the city where they live, who will manage this data, who will decide the location of the data centres, who will have the responsibility over the private data collected? No problem, for that, we will have the Data Official of the City Council.

3. Citizens Advocate. This figure already exists in many countries, such as Spain. But in the future, they will have with new features linked to the leadership of people. Councils will have a specific person focused on responding to public opinion and its exigent demands of transparency and justice.

4. Mobility Official. For the promotion of use of public transport and bicycles, and the detriment of the private car, now we have a new issue to add: the emergence of new means of transport, such as automatic cars. Given this, City Councils will need an expert in Mobility, people competent in the organisation and development of Transport and Urban Mobility Plans.

5. Mayors by Night. Yes, you read that right. Cities never sleep, and the role of Night Mayor might be a solution to the new issues and problems that this ‘nightlife’(very different from day life) brings to the city. Some cites, like Amsterdam, have already one.


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