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Singapore Smart City… or Smart Nation?

Singapore Smart City… or Smart Nation?
Singapore Smart City… or Smart Nation?

Singapore is increasingly becoming a Smart Nation thanks to dozens of technological projects to collect data about citizen’s lives.

Nowadays the city is full of sensors and different elements connected to the internet, even the citizen’s mobile phones. All these elements create data about the city and their inhabitants: the way they are linked and how they work together. These systems allow the government to make strategic decisions based on real knowledge and habits.
The project has it sources in different apps that are collecting data and information about the citizens: mobile phones, transport, real time traffic data, taxis, pollution levels, climate… and what consequences does it have for the citizen’s quality of life?
With these apps, Singapore inhabitants are able to know which shop has the product (and the price) that they want, where they can get the cheapest fuel for their cars, know the most popular clubs or where they can find the nearest parking spots.

Smart Tourism

The development of Smart Cities has many uses, not only for residents, but for economy and tourism. The data collection from tourist habits allow us to better understand how they consume, what they need and what they are looking for. This information is useful to adapt touristic products to their likes and needs. Thus, the government of Singapore can offer custom services and products.
And what about other important issues, such as crime? Singapore has many other technological tools to fights against criminals. Citizens and tourists have a free app where they can alert about crimes being commited or about missing people. They also have Smart Hospitals where you can find robots that take blood samples.

From Smart City to Smart Nation

As the prime minister of Singapore has said: “There are many Smart Cities, but only one Smart Nation.” That is the real importance of this project. They don’t only want a Smart City. They want Smart Health, Smart Education, Smart Agriculture… In the coming years, everything in Singapore will revolve around technology and IoT (Internet of Things).

The stakes, of course, are high. More than 3,000 people are working on this grand project. In addition, it is modelled after Silicon Valley. The government of Singapore wants to create the Asian Silicon Valley. But Singapore has another name for it: One North, a start-ups hub where you can find international companies from all over the world.


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