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Smart Cities in India

Smart Cities in India
Smart Cities in India

India is one of the most populated countries of the world (the second one, only behind China). That the reason of why the Indians need to promote the development of a Smart City Program.

Over the next 35 years there will be an unprecedented changed in India since most of the population will be living in cities. Currently, the country's rural population accounts for two thirds of the total, but that will change very soon.: India will have an increase of 400 million urban residents, many of whom populate some of its megacities such as Delhi and Mumbai, which, nowadays, have serious problems of supplies, inequalities and sustainability due to this overpopulation.

But the Indian government has accepted the challenge and some months ago prepared the Smart Cities Mission program to promote the development of Smart Cities in India.

Smart City in India… for citizens

Before continues, we have to understand that it is not the same an intelligent city in Europe than in India, as the level of development in the Old Continent and Indian subcontinent are very different. The goal of Smart Cities Mission program is to promote cities that provide basic infrastructure and a good quality of life for its citizens; a clean and sustainable environment and application of 'smart' solutions. The idea is to create a replicable model based on water supply, environment, digitalization, affordable housing, security and guaranteed power supply.

India Smart Cities Challenge was conducted by the Indian Government in order to reward and classify the smartest cities in India contest. Between June and July 2015, the Indian states presented their candidate cities, who brandished their proposals between August and December. In January 2016 the list of the 20 most intelligent Indian cities includes Delhi, Pune, Kochi, Chennai and Bhopal, among others.

This has program has created a great interest in the Smart Cities field among the engineers and architects of India. In MCS we have several students of this country whose main objective is to come back to India with a great and comprehensive knowledge of the urban context. 

Smart Cities worldwide

But India is not the only countries that are developing the Smart Cities development. Others, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Malasya, Chile or Sudafrica has created very similar programs. Of course, with this fabulous landscape, we only can think in a future where the citizens quality life will be much more better than now. We are sure of it.


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