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MCS Presents: The Video of the Smart Cities Webinar (for those who missed it)

MCS Presents: The Video of the Smart Cities Webinar (for those who missed it)

We present The Video of the Smart Cities Webinar for the benefit of those who missed it.

On July 28th, Javier Dorao and Tono Fernández, former students at MCS and experts in the Smart Cities field, gave a webinar about City Sciences. Now, one week later, we present the video for the benefit of those who missed it. We hope you enjoy!

Javier Dorao graduated the first year of the MCS with a Masters in Civil Engineering. He is currently the MCS Manager and works as the urban project manager at UPM. 

Meanwhile, Tono Fernández graduated in the second year of the MCS program, and is an architect with more than 20 years of experience. He is a partner at IDOM Engineering and chair of the International Department of Architecture.

Tools and Information for Smart Cities

Javier Dorao’s lecture was titled “Personalized Information for Urban Product Development,” while Tono Fernández’ lecture was “The Impact of Innovative Design Tools in Cities.”

Javier Dorao’s presentation began with examples: Paris, the most touristic city in the world; London, famous for its financial power; Las Vegas, a city created for leisure; Silicon Valley in San Francisco; and the shanty towns of Rio de Janeiro. “All of these cities are very different, with different cultures, different ways of life…”

The main focus of his lecture was the understanding that the most important thing about innovative tools is that “the city is not a problem, it is the solution”. This means that we need a holistic view of the city to solve the problems that it may have. According to Dorao, “When you gain several perspectives, this is when you begin to create disruptive innovations.”

Meanwhile, Tono Fernández talked about the research he has been conducting this year for his final Master’s thesis.. It deals with the “feeling of technical collapse” that is spreading worldwide. “To avoid this collapse, society must become more competitive every day,” he explained. This leads to cities that are not designed for people. According to Fernández, “We cannot consider social science to be a ‘non- science,” because we can actually measure everything.”

If you want to learn more about subjects related to the Smart Cities field, you still can sign up for the MCS. As Tono Fernández said at the end of the presentation: “We are moving quickly and we need to change the way we think. We do not only need more researchers. We need more tools that help us to see the world in another way.” You can be one of those professionals.


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