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Andrés Monzón

Andrés Monzón
Andrés Monzón
Civil Engineer, Master in Transport and Urban Planning, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, since 1978, and PhD in Transport (also UPM) since 1988. He is currently Director of TRANSyT (Transport Research Centre) and Professor of Transportation Planning at The Civil Engineering Department, UPM.

He currently teaches courses of Transport Economics and Transport Policy & Planning (graduate level) and Sustainable Mobility Strategies (Master level).His main areas of research are Sustainable Transportation Planning, Transport Demand Management and Urban Public Transportation.

He is the Director of the Metropolitan Mobility Observatory which publishes a yearly report on mobility supply and demand, including data 24 Spanish Cities annually.He has published 43 books and chapters of books, 50 papers in scientific journals, 64 papers in international Conferences’ Proceedings and 48 in national Conferences and Symposiums. He has been supervisor of 20 doctoral theses.

He has participated in 66 research projects, 35 as director. Among them 17 were international projects, mainly EU FP projects. Some of the recent projects related to Urban Mobility are EBSF (European Bus System of the Future), ICT-Emissions (Development of a methodology and tool to evaluate the impact of ICT measures on urban car transport emissions), City-Hub (Integrated Design of Urban Interchanges) and TRANSBICI (Travel Behaviour Analysis for Modelling the potential use of bicycle: transition towards a cycling city).
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