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Jordi Joly

Jordi Joly
Jordi Joly

Jordi Joly is assisting organizations towards institutional quality, execution premium and  social impact. He holds a Political Sciences degree, an Executive MBA and PFM Public Finance Management. He was the CEO of the Economy, Finance, Business & Employment Department of Barcelona City Hall for 4 years. At the same time, he was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Barcelona Activa, public company in charge of implementing all public policies related to Barcelona City promotion, brand, labour, enterpreneurship & business activity. He also was Chair of the European City Economic & Financial Governance (CEFG) Group, based on a strategic partnership between Barcelona, Dublin, Hamburg, the City of London, Milan and Vienna that aims towards european public finance harmonization, common accounting standards and transparency. He was also Vice-president at MERCABARNA and Board Member of the Investment Comitee, INSTITUT CATALÀ DE FINANCES (ICF).

He was also Consultancy Director. Europe, Middle East & Africa at Palladium: Strategy Consulting, Founder and Executive VP a Catalonia Innovation Triangle CiT, Member of the Board at ESADE-CREAPOLIS, Economy & Organization Deputy Mayor and Executive Vice-President at Sant Cugat City Hall, CEO in Atlanta Engineering and CEO at INDEST.

He is currently External Senior Expert of the European Institute of Public Administration and founder of joly advising. He provides the next services as Advisory and project management or Executive workshops and assesments:
  1. Strategy execution, design and management.
  2. Public sector economic and financial management 
  3. Public and private economy development initiatives.
To read more about his participation at MCS

"I am really happy to meet new participants at this great cross-cutting Advanced Program between the schools of Telecommunications, Industrial and Civil Engineering and Architecture of the UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), the Master in City Sciences. It is unique indeed for its aim to cover the demand of professionals with a technical and comprehensive vision of the urban phenomenon beyond the concept of Smart Cities. And I stress "beyond the concept", because MCS is positioned where it must, beyond the labels and working a real and needed mix in-between architecture, urbanism, technology and innovation. MCS is paving the way for a new way of understanding the cities of the future and its key social role.

Public reform is already a commodity after being repeated again and again during last decades. What is needed is real change that fosters a new paradigm that can improve the future. A paradigm where politics and public management commit themselves to common goals and face the challenges of the XXI Century. That is to say, going beyond the smart city label means to fully understand that will be not much difference if the knowledge understanding and the still current bureaucratic approach of city governments remain the same. Let's also add, with a private sector ready to share and understand what social impact implies and how public management works. So, here we are, at the MSC."

--Jordi Joly

  • Universidad Politécnica
  • ETSI arquitectura
  • ETSI Industriales