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Julio Lumbreras

Julio Lumbreras
Julio Lumbreras
Julio Lumbreras is PhD on emission projections by the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). He is associate professor on environmental engineering in the technical university of Madrid and Vice-Dean for quality and social responsibility at the School of Industrial Engineering. He is a researcher at the Group on Environmental Technologies and Industrial Resources and responsible for environmental area in the cooperation group on organization, quality and environment of the UPM.

The teaching activities where he has been the coordinator during the last five years have been related with environmental engineering, air quality, environment and human development, energy and environmental technologies and air pollution. He has also been involved in teaching activities around life cycle assessment and industrial ecology.

The main projects where he has been working as a researcher for the last five years have been the emission reductions and air quality improvement from implementation of clean cookstoves in the Casamance region (Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau). The assessment of co-benefits from renewable and energy efficiency projects in Senegal. The modelling and forecasting electricity and CO2 markets through unobserved component models. A system to evaluate air quality risks (SERCA). Models to increase co-benefits of Brazilian CDM projects.

The development of a tool to estimate life cycle emissions from road transport (GlobalTRANS).
Strategies to increase CDM contribution to Human Development. Air pollutant emission projections in Spain. Assessment of air quality as a transport externality. The development of a tool to estimate road transport emission projections (EmiTRANS). A holistic system to model air quality in the Iberian Peninsula (SIMCA) and CO2 emissions scenarios at global, regional and local level.
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