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Charging the electricity in an hourly basis began in Spain for users with Smart Meters in 01/10/2015. The amount of these meters has already reached a significant share of the installed base of meters, and is expected to cover 100% of the residential market by 2018. Similar policies are applied in most EU countries.

All retail energy providers are very aggressive offering fixed price rates, but the default rate is based in PVPC (hourly energy price), determined by the grid operator (REE) based on the energy offer and demand, and published online in advance.

This opens a range of possibilities to save energy by performing an informed use of it and modifying some behaviors. But at the same time, it makes more difficult for a common user to forecast his energy bill and plan the domestic economy.

Electricity users need to actively collect both the price (from the grid operator) and their meter readings (from the energy distribution system operator’s online service), and be aware of their daily evolution. But by doing so, they can achieve important savings in their bills. The scenario in other EU countries is similar.

Lupbak is an ecosystem of services (including a frictionless mobile App) that helps users to optimize energy consumption and save in their energy bills, by telling what are the next cheaper hours, and taking into account the evolution of price in the current and coming days. We are forecasting the next days evolution and highlighting hours that are most convenient (or in the contrary, that should be avoided).

Alberto Quintanilla, MCS alumni founded this company after his MCS studies.

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